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Fables is a small collection web pages which seeks to inspire the innocence of youth that maturity often loses sight of in our quest for adulthood. Perhaps as you take a moment to journey from page to page, the material that you gleam therein may encourage you to follow your dreams. In the process, I hope that you will agree that dreams can still come true as long as you endeavor to believe in them to pursue them no matter what may come. After all, it is through perseverance through hardships that our dreams made all the richer and worthwhile. It is my hope that as you read some of my humble compositions and the gentle imagery that accompanies them, a little bit of the author will be seen and more importantly, the child-like beauty of your own heart may take flight as well.

However, for those individuals of other interests and pursuits, it is my hope to include other diversified pages and links so that through the Land of Fables all your dreams may come to fruition.

A little about No one of consequence

For those of you who may be interested, I have included a small sampling of some of the things that I have written or that I am currently in the process of writing. The collection that I have included spans many years so I hope that you will be kind in some of your criticism for the works which were written in my youth. All comments and/or criticisms, however, are welcome.

Please send any parchments to the Eternal Champion.

A little something that happened in my life:

   Reflections in the Water    Will you be...?
  The Passion of Love    Because of you...
   An Untitled Work    Coin
   To My Dearest Love
Children Short Stories: Short Fiction:
   A Fable     Like a Dove
   The Little Princess and the Invisible Boy  

Walking the Path Commentaries:

    Children Killing Children               06/29/1999
    Christianity and the Y2K Issue       09/09/1999
    Remembering what's Important       10/30/1999

Favorite Bible verses:  

Discover the Tao Te Ching or "The Way of Virtue":

Miscellaneous Links:

Paulo Coelho

Martial Arts


Cisco Systems

My Resume

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